Youngest West Michigan Youngest Fox/Vixen Hunter?

For anyone who was at the September 21st Fox Hunt in Hudsonville/Allendale, you may have seen the three generation team of Jack, Mike and Jonathon Maciejewski.

A little background:  Jack is supposed to be retired, but, is he? He has worked in radio and TV broadcast for a long long time. So he brings up a son, Mike, and what does Mike do? He gets into broadcasting. Mike is the Chief Engineer for Townsquare Broadcast, which includes WLHT, WGRD, WFGR WTRV and others. So Mike has a son Jonathon. Let me quote from his grandfather, Jack:


  "Thanks Tom,

That was a good challenge.   Lots of hills and buildings and few nearby parking spaces.
Please pass along our thanks to Sheila for a perfect location. 
Jonathan had a blast.  We told him we were looking for a small box with an antenna nearby.   He thought it was pretty cool to swing the 3 element antenna around for maximum signal. He got a good workout and with soccer earlier this evening he should sleep very well tonight!  
With cold weather here, I need to build the 4Mhz offset.  I have all of the parts, just need to put it together.  That may have been a great help close in.


And from Jacks son, Mike:


Thanks Tom. It was A LOT of fun! We'll definitely plan on being there 
for the next hunt.

Attached is a photo of my dad and son, Jonathan. 
As you can see, he was *really* concentrating on that signal meter. 
..I think the radio disease may have spread to a third generation !
And the picture of our youngest fox hunter, hard at work, along side of his grandfather:
    Very Cool Family. Three generations. Time to study for the tech Jonathon?
And thank you to everyone for coming. 
I would like to have a special shout out to some newcomers, 
who are very worthy adversaries:
Gerry Lerch, K8GGL, from Kent City
and another father and son team,  Larry, WD8PAP  
and Brian, KD8PZJ DeBlaay from Jenison
      Thank you to all of you for the great activity night.
                                       Sheila, K8AJ and Tom, K8TB