November 5, 2011 Petoskey Hidden Transmitter Hunt


It was an outrageously beautiful day in Petoskey. 

The start point at the Emmanuel Evangelical Church.


This is where the Robo-Fox was located, in the dugout at the local school, where our host, Dirk KG8JK works.

Shortest driving distance was 2.8 miles


The Robo Fox was assembled by Dirk, KG8JK. It is a Ramsey FHT-1




The people: 

Tom K8TB (Sheila K8AJ took the picture)

Gerry, K8GGL

Jerry KC8FAR

Our Host, Dirk, KG8JK

Bob, KD8HNF and 

Nate, KD8NCS


The mandatory "Could of/would of/should of" talk afterwards. 


The Petoskey group is looking to expand their hunts. Dirk and Jerry are off to a good start. This was a very clean hunt. Despite the vertical rubber duck transmit antenna, it looks like the fence changed the polarization to horizontal.


I think I can speak for Bob, Gerry, Nate and Sheila from Grand Rapids that we all had a great time.

Next year?


Dirk and Jerry, thank you for the hospitality. 73 de Sheila and Tom, K8AJ and K8TB