2012 Michigan Section Outing Foxhunt Presentation

In Hale, Michigan


So Jay Nugent, WB8TKL, the most honorable host of the 2012 Michigan Section ARRL outing, called up Mike Hill, W8DER and Tom, K8TB to give a Fox Hunt talk on Saturday, with a Fox Hunt scheduled right after it. On the day before, Jay, WB8TKL and Mary Ann, W8VWY gave a hands on tape measure antenna build. That was followed by Stan Briggs, K8SB giving an active attenuator workshop. 


But Saturday, at 1PM, the joking was over. It was time.

Time to find the four, that's four, hidden transmitters. 

The transmitters were superbly located in the lush green environment by 

Mike Hill, W8DER from the Grand Rapids area. 

This is an overhead shot of the Woodlands Campground, 

Conference and Retreat Center, near Hale, Michigan. 



This is a tighter view. See those open areas between the really tall trees? You had to walk through

 those areas to get to the four transmitters. They were equally spaced apart 

by Mike, separated only by a long walk and really large mosquitoes. 




Mike, KD8MMH and Tom, KD8SFE prepare their equipment. 



Fearless leaders, Larry, WB8R and Dale, WA8EFK prepare.



And they're off. "Hey, I just got HBO!"


Before the hunt. They smile.

Jay, WB8TKL and Mary Ann, W8VWY



Doug, N8PYN is smiling now, and later for good reason. 


Rita, WB8FBG and Mike, K8MLH



Linda, KC8PKY and Dave, KC8OBH



Bob, K8RDN out in the field.



"You know, I had to fight off 4 mosquitoes that lifted me 2 feet off the ground! Really, I did."


A great time to sit down, out of the sun. 


Tom, K8TB claims that the "embellishment factor" at most hunts is 6 Db. 

With Jay, WB8TKL try 25 Db!



This is the winning punch card. Mike, W8DER had 4 distinct paper punches that 

proved you found the transmitters. This is the winning ticket of Doug, N8PYN. 



Transmitter # 1



Transmitter # 2

These first two ran 15 milliwatts.



Transmitter # 3, running 2 watts. 



And the last transmitter, # 4, also running 2 watts. 

Notice the unique paper punch that Mike had at each transmitter. 


  So, how did it go? All agreed that is was not as easy as it looked, 

and it was a lot more fun than they thought it would be. 


The unofficial results, as my notes are really confusing:

# 1 Doug, N8PYN who found all 4 transmitters in 70 minutes.

# 2. Rita, WB8FBG and Mike, K8MLH who found all 4 transmitters in 72 minutes.

# 3. Mary Ann, W8VWY and Jay, WB8TKL who found all four transmitters in 91 minutes. 

# 4. Mike, KB8MMH and Tom, KD8SFE who found one transmitter in 98 minutes. 

# 5. Linda, KC8PKY and Dave, KC8OBH who found one transmitter in an unknown time.

# 6. Two nameless folks. They found no, as in nada transmitters in a really long time.

       They claimed "The Old Fart Rule".  Again, nameless, but their pictures are here.

A huge thank you to Mike Hill, W8DER for his exceptional thinking and planning for this hunt. The paper punches at each site was a really cool idea.


                                            submitted by Tom Bosscher K8TB