K8YSE Demo in the Park

August 8, 2011

Kollen Park, Holland, MI


Richard Leffler, KD8OMJ; Doug Papay KD8CAO; Bob Hardin, KD8LZT and his wife Donna, and John Papay, K8YSE



Inside the K8YSE cab. Way cool, and yes, he CAN talk to NASA



Screen shot of K8YSE's tracking program, SATPC32




Absolutely awesome antenna setup in the bed of the truck.




Doug, KD8CAO is showing Richard, KD8OMJ, his satellite tracking program on his I-Phone. 

Geekdom at it's best. 



The Master of Mobile Satellite Operation, John, K8YSE



ET, Phone Home!

John was tracking AO-7 at the time. 

Most impressive contact was working Jim, W8MRR

who is less than 2 miles away!



Another view of John's impressive setup. Lake Macatawa is in the background. 







                While the crowd was small, a couple of notes. Richard Leffler, KD8OMJ showed up as he just got into 

              ham radio. He was reading up on making his own TV antenna, found a lot of information on ham radio, 

              so he studied and then took and passed his technician license. Then he took and passed his general. 

              As a new ham, he had questions, and evening connected him with Doug, KD8CAO, who is very skilled at 

              explaining all things technical. It was very impressive to see these two go back and forth about 

              all things technical on ham radio. 


            We also had two "citizens' stop by and asked questions. 

            We lightly explained the mobile satellite setup, and they were impressed. 


            Last thought. I've been licensed for some 45+ years now. I've met thousands of amateur radio operators. 

          But John, K8YSE is just one of those people who is a hams ham. He is a satellite operator of the highest caliber. 

          I was thankful to be around him and ask him questions. And he raised a rather brilliant and very nice son!



                A very pleasant evening.


                    Tom K8TB