EN86 Grid Dxpedition

50 MHz SSB

Planned for June 6-8, 2013

Call sign will be K8JH/8

Look for us on 50.186 MHz +/- QRM

50.276 JT-65 if the band is dead.

LOTW and E-QSL will be within 4 months.

Card QSL's will be SASE to K8JH only.


A group of us from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area are planning 

to operate from EN86 on 50 MHz SSB, 

mainly during the June ARRL VHF contest. 


What do you do when you have been licensed for decades and have never been on  DXpedition? 

Well, our group realized we don't have the money and expertise to go to an island, 

but EN86 is highly desired for anyone, especially for the FFMA. 


We plan to arrive on Thursday, June 6 and set up. 

We are renting two cottages that sit 15 feet from Lake Caribou just west of 

De Tour Village in the upper peninsula of Michigan. This will not be an elaborate setup, 

we will be using a 5 element M2 beam up 25 feet or so, 

running an Elecraft K3 at 100 watts. 

While we would like to try EME and FSK441, we will save that for another day. 

We will try JT-65 if the band is dead.



On January 12, 2013, Bob, WB8CCV and I (K8TB), 

drove 5 hours from Grand Rapids to the UP. 

We spent 30 minutes doing reconnaissance on the cottage. 

It looks perfect. No tent, no generators. 

We then drove 5 hours back. 

This IS ham radio!



Our proposed operation location, close to the EN75/76/85/86 confluence. 



This is the duplex cottage we will operate from

(Yes, this is January 12, 2013 in the Upper Peninsula!)


Hacked in simulation of the 6 meter beam. 



EN86AA. That's sweet.


A view straight south.


The yellow pin on the east side of the UP is our site.


We will be on the north side of Caribou Lake. 



The gang:

Jim Hessler    K8JH

Bob Sheneman    WB8CCV

Tom Bosscher    K8TB



For more information contact K8TB, email on QRZ.com






Michigan Broadcast Towers












All photographs and other stuff copyright 2010 by Tom Bosscher K8TB